1. How do I receive a refund?
Unfortunately, as stated in our privacy policy, all sales are final. Refunds will not be issued unless we,, fail to deliver valid tickets or if an event is canceled.
2. How do I transfer tickets?
Please send us an email to if you wish for your ticket(s) to be transferred. We will assist you further via email.
3. How will I know if the event I am attending has been cancelled or postponed?
If an event has been cancelled or postponed, we will do 3 things. 1) We will update the information on our website that the event has been cancelled or postponed. 2) We will create a post on our Facebook page that the event has been cancelled or postponed. 3) We will send you an email stating that the event has been cancelled or postponed.
4. I lost my ticket or I never received my ticket in the mail. What can I do?
If you lost your ticket(s) or never received your ticket(s) in the mail, please send us an email to with your full name, confirmation number, and last 4 digits of the credit card used to make the transaction. Upon confirming that you are the true purchaser of the ticket(s), we will then void the lost/never received ticket(s). The new, valid ticket(s) will have to be picked up during will call. No exceptions.
5. I bought the ticket(s) under my name but someone else will attend instead of me. Will this be okay?
No, whoever’s name is on the ticket will be the only person able to pick up the tickets. If you have someone else attending in your place, please transfer the ticket(s) by sending us an email at so that we may change the ticket information.
6. Do I need to print out my E-ticket(s)?
If you can access your E-ticket(s) on your mobile device on the day of the event, you do not need to print out your E-ticket(s). If you cannot access your E-ticket(s) on your mobile device on the day of the event, you will have to print out your E-ticket(s) to be allowed admission into the venue.
7. Where do I pick up my ticket(s) if I selected "Will-Call" as my delivery method? What do I need to pick up my ticket(s)?
The designated Will-Call location will always inside the venue on the day of the event. There will be signs posted at the venue indicating where to go. If the designated Will-Call location changes, we will make a notification on our Facebook page ( You will need both valid identification and your confirmation number to receive your ticket(s) if you selected “Will-Call” as your delivery method.
8. I require assistance with ADA seatings. Who do I have to talk to?
You will need to contact the venue directly for assistance with ADA seating(s).
9. Will there be parking available at the venue?
If we do not have any parking instructions posted for a specific concert, please contact the venue directly.
10. Do you accept payments from certain credit card companies?
We only accept online payments of Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
11. Are cameras/recording devices allowed inside the venue?
Cameras/recording devices will be allowed inside the venue during the event as long as there are no telescopic lenses attached. If there is a change in this decision, there will be a note on the event information and/or your ticket(s). However, cameras/recording devices will not be allowed during the Meet and Greet events.
12. What are your business hours?
Our business hours are Monday - Friday, 10:00AM ~ 6:00PM (PDT).
Contact Number: (213) 382-1004
Email Address:
Address: 3445 W 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90005